CJS Dubia
Contact:     cell:215-767-6409
email:  chrisscerati
why should you buy from CJS Dubia?

1. We give back 10% of our profits monthly to help improve animals rescues across the world!

        2.        Customer service is top priority we will get back to you same day no matter what day you contact us
        ​ this one of our top assets we are generally available 16 hours a day 7 days a week also.        Our packages ship next day in almost every situation no waiting games or unfufilled orders!!!

        ​3.CJS Dubia will guarantee the stock that you purchase from us for live arrival. We are licensed breeder and true professionals.

        ​4.​​ Our site carries the healthiest Dubia in the USA we pride ourselves in giving the absolute best roaches your money can buy you.
​5.We only use top quality fruits, vegetables ​and protein based foods. We do not use any animal meal,mash,horse treats or any low quality filler.

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Dubia roach facts:
1.Our Dubia roaches are set apart from other competitors. Although we offer market consistent pricing we feed specialized diets to all our animals to maintain optimal health for your animal

        2.they contain less chitin (allows animals to digest roaches much easier!)

        3.Dubia roaches do not smell,fly or escape (only the males can free fall and if proper care is taken they cannot escape the tubs)

        4.Dubia make interesting pets and come in many different color variations

        5. 1 dubia roach exceeds the nutritional value of 5 crickets

        6. Blaptica Dubia can hold the gutload provided for up to 72 hours which gives your reptiles a meal packed with vitamins and minerals!

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